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Where Beauty Meets Branding

Whether you are a social guru or a newbie, this is more than your average social media class.  


We found something lacking in all social media classes we ever attended - think about it like online dating - you can have an amazing profile, post funny and cute pictures that just may make us swipe right! But if you show up to your date and the person is in a mustard stained shirt, no attempt was made to shower or clean up for your date do you think you're going to want to go for a second date? Not a chance!

We believe branding is done both in physical appearance, and our social appearance. International Redken Artist and Certified Wardrobe stylist Marilyn Rose will help you figure out exactly who you are trying to attract, along with your brand story, so she can teach you how to put your wardrobe together to attract just the right person! You will discover what opportunities you may be missing and how that is taking money away from your business.

Right now more than ever, there is so much content available on how to curate your social media - so much so we end up feeling overwhelmed, and anxiety ridden over what the best approach is.  International Redken Artist Celene Dupuis will take you through the 6 keys to understanding your social media in an easy to understand straight forward approach.  You will leave having mapped out your mantra and brand story, along with a bio that will attract your dream clientele. You will learn how to create better content in a hands on photoshoot workshop, learning posing, lighting and taking better hair pictures. You will learn how to edit photo's and videos and create flat lays for the perfect product shots. You will also learn how to bring your personality into your profile - because lets be real - that's what people really want to see! Learning to write copy and captions that support your brand is a skill, and you will walk away knowing exactly how to do this.

This class will not only bring clarity in your entire presence, but you will walk away with tools and resources to support your goals and visions!

For more hands on opportunity make sure to take our 2 day program!


Let's face it babe's - this class is bomb!


Celene Dupuis

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As an International Redken Artist facilitating for audiences as far as Las Vegas and New York, as well as training the trainer across North America, Celene has a unique ability to make the impossible seem possible for salon professionals. Celene learned all her tricks by doing - and her social media and human approach has helped her to become one of the most sought after educators in Canada. A tech nerd at heart, Celene loves to help other make their brand look more professional and polished by using simple resources and apps that you can actually use back in the salon. Her biggest passion is helping people understand that we don't all have to - or want to be influencers, but if just one person follows you, you already are influencing people. So why not control the message you are putting out there?


Marilyn Rose

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As a Certified Wardrobe Stylist and International Redken Artist, Marilyn Rose has been teaching people how to live and look their best on stages and classrooms from Las Vegas and New York and beyond. Her speciality comes from finding her niche and watching how it helped her business blow up! She has an eye for style, and will help you figure out how to find your signature style, and use that to grow your niche. She understands that jack of all trades equals master of none, and she is able to help you narrow down your specialty and create a brand story that will fill your chair with all of your dream clients!

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2020 Dates

We are fully booked for 2020. To register in a city near you contact your local Redken Distributor. 



Feb 2-3 Saskatoon, SK - SOLD OUT

March 29-30 Kingston, ON

June 7-8 Calgary, AB

Oct 18-19 Ontario TBA

Nov 22-23 Ontario TBA


Feb 9 Ottawa, ON - SOLD OUT

Feb 11 Mississauga, ON - SOLD OUT

April 6 Saskatoon, SK- SOLD OUT

April 7 Winnipeg, MB- SOLD OUT

April 26 Kelowna, BC- SOLD OUT

April 27 Victoria, BC- SOLD OUT

April 28 Vancouver, BC - SOLD OUT

May 3 Lethbridge, AB- SOLD OUT

May 4 Calgary, AB- SOLD OUT

May 5 Calgary, AB- SOLD OUT

July 5 Edmonton, AB- SOLD OUT

July 6 Red Deer - AB- SOLD OUT

Redken Distributors

Summit Salon Services (SK,MB,AB)

Alternative Beauty Services (ON)

Contact your local Redken sales distributor to reserve your 2021 date


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