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How to be an amazing human - even when the world blows up

Have you ever watched an apocalypse movie, and wondered how you would hold up? I have to say - I totally have, and I’d like to think I end up on top! Why I find this curious is because there are two common things I notice in every single one of those movies.

  1. People show their humanity and help others. They become a positive force for change, and learn to how to lead

  2. The rest become crazy, do whatever it takes to take care of themselves and become bitter and cynical and they trust no one.

First off, thank heavens we are not about to see the walking dead play out in real life, but we are at a pivotal moment in time - and we have some hard choices to make. Right here right now, in this moment, you get to decide who you want to be. So how do you navigate through times this crazy and stressful? How do you avoid becoming person #2 in the scenario?

This has certainly been a world wind of a few weeks hasn't it. Never in my lifetime did I think something would bring civilization to a halt. Never in my lifetime did I imagine having a shortage of food in our grocery stores. So many things we had access to every day that seems like our right - has now become a luxury. Many of us are left feel alone, scared and uncertain.

I certainly do not have all the answers but I have made it my mission to keep working on myself and attending educational events, reading books and listening to everything I can in regards to becoming a successful leader - and here are a few common things I’ve found.

We have a choice. I repeat we all have a choice. This week as the world news broke - I had just left Nashville where I was attending a salon business training. I arrived in Palm Springs on my mom’s 60th and was ready to celebrate. My husband was set to fly down with my son, and my girlfriend had just arrived, her family to also come later. If you would have asked me two weeks ago if everyone I knew who owned a business was going to be shut down within a few weeks, I would say your crazy. Somehow it happened. Very quickly we realized our families wouldn’t be able to join us and we began working on changing flights to get home as soon as possible - but in the end we still had a week where we had to navigate everything from another country in the most uncertain times.

I'll admit I was terrified. I mean come on, who wasn't? I couldn't be more grateful I had my team band together to take care of everything at the salon and I had a support network of people to help my mindset and keep me calm while trying to navigate this. Now did I panic... a few times yes. That is normal, but here are strategies you can put into place right now to help keep you sharp and clear minded, so you can make a decision based off of facts not fear.

Practice Daily Gratitude

This is so huge. Seriously, during my 6 Week Little Voice Mastery program with High Performance Salon Academy I learned how important this is. When the world is going to literal shit people who can still see the silver lining are proven to be more productive and are able to manage everything better. When you train yourself to see the good you will slowly be able to get over all the bad that’s in the world. I love the app Morning! which is a gratitude app that is totally free! It gives you daily prompts, and helps you begin the practice. Remember gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful! We need to go to bed each night and give thanks for the day we had - even if it wasn't what we wanted it to be. The secret tells us to image what tomorrow is going to look like - it will be the best day we have ever had. We need to wake up and go through this again in the morning - and get prepared to have what have manifested come true. Attitude is everything after all!

Find a community

This is why we created Blonde Boss - the community on facebook. We need people to brainstorm ideas, keep you positive, tell you it's going to be ok. We need feedback, and support and friendship - and the general idea that it’s going to be okay, cause we are going to face it together. Stay away from negative people - the will suck you dry. I'm noticing right now hordes or people are all over the internet judging each others choices. How they are handling their business in this time, how they are taking care of their guests. I've had about 15 salons message me saying they are getting flack from other hairstylists who are judging their choices. At the end of the day we all need to relax. Bottom line is if you don't like what someone is choosing to do then simply don't do it their way! We have an obligation to keep ourselves afloat and as long as its moral, ethical and legal we need to do what we need to do. Remember everyone has different morals, and you don't know what people are dealing with on their end. So find yourself a community that has the same standards as you - but not only that, find one that supports you even when they wouldn't make the same choices. That is a REAL community.

Turn off the news

Don’t worry you’ll still be informed. Stop watching and reading every article. The media gets paid to report Bad News. Think about it - how often do we see good stuff on the news? There is also a lot of fake news, or rumour going around. People are just trying to make sense of what is happening and they will look anywhere to get the information even if it’s not credible. Allow yourself to get informed and then just turn the darn tv off!

Turn Sorrow into Service

My friend and coach Jason Everette shared this with us. We are all grieving right now - someone on a facebook live yesterday asked me “how do I feel good right now” and the answer is simple; service. Giving is the antidote to emptiness. See how you can serve your guests right now, see how you can serve your community. Serve your neighbours, pick up the phone and call your relatives… we just need to spread some love and light. When we get focused on how we can help others it’s amazing how we can rid ourselves of all of those thoughts that are all about us and what we need.

Babes, I know this are so hard right now - but you are strong! You are brave, and mostly you have so much love to give. I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling for a long time that this world has been so wrapped in all the wrong things. I have been for a some time been struggling with the beauty industry and the world, we are all about objects, things, and vanity. We know this job is so much more than that - really we get to change peoples lives. We touch them in a way few can, we are sometimes their first point of contact when the bad happens. We are their confidant when they need help. We help them feel good about themselves by bringing out their inner goddess to the outside. This is a powerful obligation, do not take this responsibility lightly. This is a moment that will change the world forever. Life as we knew it has already changed so much, and I truly believe that the world is getting ready to hit the reset button, and to give everyone the chance to start over.


What a wonderful gift! We can use this time to plan for all of those projects we have always wanted to do. I don't mean like painting the living room - I mean like the ones you have wanted to do as a passion project. Start that blog, or online store. Create that group on facebook to connect people. Look at this time as a change to think of ways you can help humanity, and bring people closer together.

To this beautiful community - we are here for you! We have some amazing guest writers that are going to be sharing their stories with you over the next few weeks and months. They have amazing things to share to help you find your light. We will continue to bring you everything we can to help you through this time. Just know you are strong darling, you’ve got this.



WANT TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY? Click the picture below and head over to our facebook community group BLONDE BOSS the community. Here we share ideas, inspiration and everything beyond the hair so you can start building instant connections with other like minded boys babes (yes you boss boyz are included too)!

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